Retro Chic: An iconic photographer ‘Slim Aarons’

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“Attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places”

George A. Aarons, known as Slim (as he was tall and slender), was from the 1950s to the late 70s and he didn’t start out as a society photographer as he is known for now at first.

Born in 1916 in Manhattan, the young Slim Aarons joined the US Army as a reporter in World War II. After the war, he said, "The only beach worth landing on is a beach full of half-naked women tanning in the sun," and based on his experiences in the war, he decided on the direction of his work.

In the late 20th century America, where Slim Aarons worked as a photographer, was at its peak culturally and economically. He captured celebrities, upper-class Hollywood, and beautiful women living luxuriously in famous resorts and mansions across the United States as his main subjects. With these works of Slim Aarons, you can indirectly feel the unique fashion and lifestyle enjoyed by the bourgeoisie at the time.

Slim Aarons’ photos represent a fascinating Hollywood lifestyle that embodies the American dream of the 1950s. The wealthy Americans showed off their privileges and luxury life through Slim Aarons’ photos. It has historical value from past fashion, design, and architecture in the sense that it retains the lives of the wealthy people of the time.

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Slim Aarons Collection

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