Perfect Home Accessories for this Easter!

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Easter is fast approaching… haven’t sorted anything yet? Peggy can help you add spark to your home this with the perfect easter bunny décor addition.

Easter décor is the perfect addition to you home to spark Easter joy with extraordinary Easter bunnies🐇

Qeeboo's Rabbit Collection

Rabbit Collection

 You will love finding Stefano Giovannoni's bunnies for this Easter🐰

Take the rabbit outside 

Rabbit Chair
Take bunnies to your balcony

Never thought of taking bunnies to the balcony or your back yard?

Don’t worry! Qeeboo’s rabbit chair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor and your kids will love it too.

Add more Colour with our bunnies🐰

Have you seen colour bunnies?
Check our colourful bunnies to give more colour to your home.

Rabbit Doorstopper
Ottmar Horl Durer Hare


Brighten up in the dark💡

Rabbit XS Lamp with Rechargeable LED

 Not only is it tiny and adorable but it’s also a useful night light for kids.

Happy Easter & Happy Shopping with us!



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